What is American Karaoke?


I have never been able to watch American Idol. Although there have been a few decent singers to come out of the show in the past, year after year it seems that the quality has gone down. That is because in general, on and off the show,  the criterion for judging whether a person actually has singing talent has changed. For people in a certain age group, the vocal skills of Patti Labelle is viewed as just screams, while someone like Mary J. Blige is regarded as one of the finest singers to ever come into the business. It seems that generations have changed not only the measuring method, but the measuring stick as well, when it comes to evaluating vocal skill.

With Idol though, it seems that vocal skill is hardly taken into consideration at all. (The evaluation of it by the judges however, is mentioned for show and dramatic effect.) The matter of importance for Idol is how one looks, e.g., who's cute and how one wears one's hair. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel calls American Idol, karaoke. That opinion here is understood.


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